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  • Press your quilt top and backing thoroughly.

  • Square up your backing fabric. Make sure your backing is a total of 3″ wider om both sides and 3″ longer on both sides than the front of your quilt (If your top is 60×60, backing needs to be at least 66×66).

  • Clip all loose threads from the back and front of the quilt top.  They will show through lighter fabric.

  • When you deliver your quilt to us you’ll fill out a brief form designating pattern, thread color, measurements, etc. If you’d like to do it ahead of time, you can fill it out online here.

  • Just as soon as your masterpiece is ready, we’ll call you to arrange pick up.

E2E Patterns


Quilting by David Pricing Tables For Standard Sizes

Baby Quilt

$2808per quilt
  • 36″ x 52″


$8118per quilt
  • 66″ x 82″


$11610per quilt
  • 86″ x 90″


$15105per quilt
  • 95″ x 106″


$15300per quilt
  • 102″ x 100″


  • Cotton Poly 80/20 blend (96″ wide)…….$8.50/yd

  •  Cotton Poly 80/20 blend (120″ wide)……..$10.20/yd

  • 100% Cotton………$9.00/yd

  • 100% Bamboo…………$13.20/yd

  • Black 80/20 …………$13.20/yd